Three DJs on a couch

We’ve been offering professional DJs & DJanes for events since 2001. About time for you to meet some of those people behind the turntables, who do much more than just playing music “from the can” …

We invited three of our colleagues to an inspiring talk about their work as DJs:

Who is responsible for keeping the guests on the dancefloor at top events such as the Bundespresseball, the IAA and over 60 high-class events annually?

DJ ANDRÈ SIDDI has been part of our DJ team for more than 15 years, is co-founder of our DEEJAY PLUS project and is definitely an eye-catcher with his ferrari-red shoes.
André is a happy-go-lucky character with Italian heritage. He’s a wonderful person to work with and an absolute professional with a unique feeling for his guests.

„You have to be able to 'read' the dancefloor according to the event."

André Siddi

It is not just his skills, that granted André the principal position at events such as the Bundespresseball, the IAA and other top events, but his professional mindset in terms of deejaying. He has understood that the industry requires you to hold back a little of yourself…

DJANE NICOLE – new in our team

Not only for her talent, but for her brilliant approach to being a DJane, we asked Nicole in 2016 to join our exclusive DJ team.

She lives in Düsseldorf, knows a great deal about the world of music and is also a talented singer. She agrees with André that a successful night can only happen WITH the guests – that’s what deejaying is all about. So we can only imagine how amazing it must feel, when your job provides you with these memorable and special experiences every once in a while…

Joy, as you are constantly challenging each other in this job.

We met DJ JOCAR at an event we were playing with our band GOODFELLAS: we clicked from the get-go and were absolutely fascinated by his performance – and likewise.

What else could you ask for? Three years after starting to work together, we’re still huge fans of Jocar. As he also knows how to play percussion, he was heavily involved in creating the DEEJAY PLUS  Drumline Special). It’s this approach of ‘taking part’ and being asked for input that he enjoys most about this job…

We hope you enjoyed these short portraits of our DJs:

If you want to book ANDRÉ, NICOLE or JOCAR for your next event, feel free to get in touch. We are looking forward to your inquiry and happily reserve the respective dates for you.

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