Stylish flight machines and even stylisher guests all on one dancefloor! A night to remember for DEEJAY PLUS…

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MISS JONES prove their outdoor qualities!

The jazz quintett HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES provides premium music in a summerly scenery & creates a blissful night for your guests.

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More than just background music with HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES!

Choosing the ideal programme for an evening event can be a challenge for any event manager: background is music is asked for but what happens if the guests wish to dance?
The solution? Booking a band that understands your worries and knows how to play premium live music regardless of what direction the night might follow.

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All I want for Christmas is… the FOLLOW MEs!

Who doesn’t know the cliché of a boring christmas party that nobody really wants to attend.  Halfhearted entertainment, lukewarm food and everyone’s waiting to go home – it’s really time to change things up! 

Having all employees together for a night is rare these days and so why not make the most of the party, have fun, celebrate and come together as a big team?

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DEEJAY PLUS went to town in Göttingen’s Lokhalle!

Wednesdays are not for parties… or did we get that wrong? 

For the 4th (!) time DEEJAY PLUS joined the party in Göttingen’s event location LOKHALLE to celebrate the in-house exhibition of a wholesale for hardware stores. 

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the ALLSTARS celebrate: 175 years of Klambt publishing!

Congratulations: the KLAMBT media group celebrates 175 (!) years of publishing and cordially invited to join the celebrations in Hamburg.

A journey through the company’s history accompanied the dinner and required thus the appropriate and very best background music…

Eine Zeitreise durch die Firmengeschichte von KLAMBT begleitete das Dinner und passende musikalische Untermalung darf da natürlich nicht fehlen.

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186 BEATS x THANK YOU: new booking record for DEEJAY PLUS

186 BEATS x THANK YOU! 186 beats on the drums for 186 shows played in 2017. That’s how many events our customers booked DEEJAY PLUS for last year. A new record that makes DEEJAY PLUS one of the most successful acts in European entertainment. Now the team says ‘thank you’ with a special video message.

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DEEJAY PLUS feat. SAMSUNG S8, ‘BEGINNER’… and your next concept!

DJ meets live musicians … and they meet your concept! With over 180 bookings per annum, DEEJAY PLUS is one of the most successful acts in the industry. Diverse band casts, exciting show productions and always enthralled audiences – care for an example? 

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The FOLLOW MEs: not just a man’s world!

The usual cast of the FOLLOW MEs is all male and offers background music for dinner or get together occasions as well as modern party hits to get the party started. But there’s one thing missing to give the band the final touch, the icing on the cake: a fantastic female singer!

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ROCKING CHAIRS at the trade fair booth

Get together, after-work lounge, … : the ROCKING CHAIRS ensure the best live music!

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