the ALLSTARS celebrate: 175 years of Klambt publishing!

Congratulations: the KLAMBT media group celebrates 175 (!) years of publishing and cordially invited to join the celebrations in Hamburg.

Employees, media representatives and one or two celebrities were welcomed at Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce with presenters Steven Gätjen and Janin Ullman guiding them through the show.

A journey through the company’s history accompanied the dinner and required thus the appropriate and very best background music.

The band was required to accompany each item on the show’s agenda as well as creating an ambience of comfort throughout the gala dinner.

The solution: the MUSIC4FRIENDS ALLSTARS!  Working closely together with agency insglück, particular jingles were selected to fit the agenda’s themes as well as putting the band together accordingly and rehearsing.

In conclusion: a successful celebration doing credit to KLAMBT! What’s more: not just insglück, clients and guests were happy, but the ALLSTARS had the time of their lives as well!

Do you need a “custom-made” live act for for your next event? Get in touch and we’ll happily advise you along the way!

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