GLORY NIGHTS @Landespresseball

In October 2017, the GLORY NIGHTS – alongside three other bands from the music4friends family – were to lend the Landespresseball NRW their distinctive musicial character.

Playing at the prestigious variety theatre ‘Kaiserpalais Bad Oeynhausen’, the band’s mission was to keep the guests entertained on the dancefloor throughout the night. The 450 guests from politics and media, dressed in glamorous gowns and noble tuxedos, made the beautiful hall shine.
With a cast of six, the GLORY NIGHTS’ interpretations of fresh and modern pop & rock songs in the style of waltz, tango and co kept the dancefloor constantly busy.

At a late hour, the band insisted on proving their flexibilty and presented a groovy party repertoire leaving hall and guests buzzing until the early hours of the morning.

It wasn’t for the first time that the GLORY NIGHTS were asked to play such a top-class event. Back in 2010, for example, the band had proven their qualities at the Landespresseball Niedersachsen and continue to enthuse audiences with their unique mixture of gala and top40 band ever since.


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