It definitely wasn’t just the combination of colours with the virtuoso, summerly white of the ROCKING CHAIRS and the well-known corporate-pink of the Deutsche Telekom, that made the two events in Bremen and Berlin as successful and special as they were.

Twice, the ROCKING CHAIRS could show off their incredible talent at Germany’s most prestigious telecommunications company. The event’s programme required subtle premium entertainment. Long blonde hair, swathed in a white dress and sitting on rocking chairs, singer Alexandra and her four companions guaranteed goosebumps: a real treat and a wonderful atmosphere for the over 500 guests.

“The programme was brilliant […]. The band played a big part in making this event a success”, says organiser Wolfgang Kramer from Telekom.

With a high level of professionalism and their warm, sincere manners, the ROCKING CHAIRS established an intimacy to the audience and captured their attention song by song. What sets the ROCKING CHAIRS apart, is the balance between calm contentment and the prospect of pushing the (rocking) chairs aside to dance.

No need to question why the Telekom would choose this band in two consecutive years.

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